Florida esports just got even bigger with the opening of the Esports Players Club. Based within walking distance of both Primrose Prep School and the University of Tampa, the Esports Players Club is considered a popular destination among students. For students who want to increase their gaming skill set alongside pursuing academics, the club provides after-school classes where they will work closely with dedicated coaching staff. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, the Esports Players Club offers a variety of classes that are geared toward taking your game to the next level. Classes include a plethora of competitive games ranging from fighting games to first person shooters. For those not interested in competing in esports, the club also offers classes centered around content creation and streaming. Club members will have full access to the Esports Players Club facility, which is equipped with some of the most cutting-edge gaming equipment from PCs to monitors. Aside from hosting traditional esports tournaments, the Esports Players Clubs is looking forward to running charity and fundraising events to give back to the community that supports it and its players. The club also has plans to host gaming camps and gaming releases of popular upcoming games

Esports Players Club’s flagship location spotlights a state of the art, 5,000 square foot facility in the heart of South Tampa at 1802 West Kennedy Drive: adjacent to Primrose Prep School & the University of Tampa! This location features two large classrooms, each of which offers 20 top-of-the-line Alienware Aurora R12’s, complete with SteelSeries headsets, 144Hz LG Ultragear Monitors, and Corsair Mice & Keyboard setups! In addition to the PC setups, a Virtual Reality (VR) zone is accessible to members, as well as a Squad Up area dedicated to Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch console enthusiasts to meet up, play or compete together!

Esports Players Club is a newly established, competitive Esports facility that offers classes in popular (competitive) titles from First Person Shooters, Mixed Online Battleground Arena’s (MOBA’s), Real Time Strategy (RTS), Sports/Fighting Games, & content creation courses such as video and streaming classes. In addition to after-school lessons & individual coaching, Esports Players Club plans to hold events such as tournaments, game release parties, charity drives & fundraisers for the local community!

The Esports Players Club is fully dedicated to nurturing the next era of professional gamers. Aspiring competitive gamers will have the opportunity to be mentored by individuals who have either competed in or who have worked in the esports industry. Whether you’re a university student who is looking for a fun place to game with your friends, or you’re looking for a dedicated coach to help train you and your team for an upcoming tournament, the Esports Players Club offers a wide array of classes to help suit your needs. Club members will also have access to the facility’s top notch equipment, which includes everything from high end Alienware gaming PCs to virtual reality consoles. If you’re looking to learn from the best that Tampa, Florida has to offer, then the Esports Players Club is the place for you!

Esports Players Club is more than just a venue where gamers come to improve their skills.

Our facility hosts open gameplay and player development through classes and experience with talented gaming professionals.

Discover how our in-club offerings keep our Esports athletes at their best. Esports Players Club provides the necessary tools, knowledge, guidance, and inspiration to create the next generation of Esports players and streamers as our alumni.