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Esports Players Club is a newly established academy with a focus on STEM education.  We believe that the best approach to teaching skills such as coding and design is by using platforms kids already love.   We use popular kid's games such as Minecraft and Roblox to teach in depth coding and programming skills that are transferrable to any tech industry.  We can teach your kids to build their own games! 


Would you believe that gaming can now pay for your college and beyond?  There are now over 300 universities with collegiate esports teams with scholarship!  In addition, professional gaming has become an incredibly lucrative career with the top earners making tens of millions of dollars per year.  Our goal is to take gaming out of the home by giving kids a safe social environment where they can hone their skills with other kids in the community through team coaching and gameplay classes/events.  Our competitive gaming classes pair students in the community to develop the same team building and social skills as traditional sports.  

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