Apex Legends Coaching

In our beginner class we will cover basic movement, weapon types, and overall pace and flow of the game. Students will conduct fun and interactive challenges against each other to gain a basic understanding of the game functions and playstyle.

Apex Legends Curriculum

  • Why learn Apex Legends

  • Apex is an extremely popular battle royal game that will only grow in its popularity and competitiveness

  • The concepts and principles of Apex Legends can be applied to other battle royals and competitive shooters. This develops a person's overall skills as an esports player.

  • Playing Apex Legends has been shown to develop focus, hand eye corridination, and mental concentration for people of all ages.

  • Apex Legends is intrinsically designed to be played by multiple people on the same team. Thus, Apex Legends has a massive social community and lots of players willing to make friendships.

Core Principles of Apex Legends:

Apex Legends is a battle royal game. This means that all teams drop into the same map, and the last player team alive is the winner. Apex Legends is different from other battle royals due to the different characters a player can be, and the different movement and aim mechanics that exist in Apex Legends . Thus, to become an Apex Legend, a player must become at the following fundamental skills.These skills are:

  • Character and Utility

  • Weapon knowledge/Aim Mechanics

  • Movement Mechanics

  • Positioning

  • Rotations

  • Game Sense/Knowledge

Characters and Utility

What makes Apex Legends so unique is all the different characters/legends a player can be. Learning the unique abilities of each of these Legends and how to use them is essential to becoming a great Apex player.

In this section we cover:

  • Legends and abilities

  • Utility items/throwables

  • Armor and consumables

  • General knowledge of user interface

Weapon knowledge/Aim Mechanics:

Weapon knowledge is a player's understanding of the most relevant weapons currently used in Apex Legends. This also includes the integration of using those weapons in combination with each other.

Aim mechanics is a player’s ability to use specific weapons effectively, and master various aiming techniques. This also includes the integration of movement with those various techniques.

In this section we cover:

  • The hierarchy of weapons

  • Finding the optimal sensitivity

  • Peeking techniques

  • Flick shots vs tracking

  • Recoil patterns

Movement Mechanics:

Movement is one of the most important skills in any battle royal, however in Apex Legends it’s essential. A player’s ability to move effectively can be the difference between wiping a squad and getting sent back to the lobby. In this section, we cover the most important movement techniques currently used in the game, and how to be incredibly effective with them.

In this section we cover:

  • Strafing techniques

  • Sliding techniques

  • Jumping techniques

  • Bunny and wall hopping

  • Tap strafing

  • keybinds


Rotations are talked about so much at the highest levels of gaming because of how important it is. Rotation is a player's ability to move in accordance with the circle(zone that does damage), based on other player’s positions. This section covers decision making on rotations, different styles of rotations, and the most effective ways to rotate.

In this section we cover:

  • Rotations for public matches vs competitive

  • Passive vs Aggressive rotations

  • General considerations when performing rotations

  • Early/mid/late game rotations

Game Knowledge/Sense:

Game sense is oftentimes considered a whimsical skill that only the best players truly understand. However, it’s a skill that can be practiced and developed like anything else. Game sense is simply your ability to make effective decisions and accurately guess other player’s decisions.

In this section well cover:

  • Knowledge of the map

  • Strom/Circle movement

  • When to engage and disengage in fights

  • General decision making