Fortnite Coaching

Fortnite is a highly animated FPS in which players compete in a battle royale format in an effort to be the last squad remaining. In this beginner course we will cover basic movement, firing mechanics, utility, and building. Students will be immersed with the creative tool that allows them to trial all items in a zero pressure environment and practice the basic mechanics and building.

Fortnite Curriculum

  • Why learn Fortnite

  • Fortnite teaches people of all ages how to communicate effectively to solve problems under pressure and develops critical thinking skills.

  • The concepts and principles of Fortnite can be applied to other video games, and can develop a person's overall skills as an esports player.

  • Playing Fortnite has been shown to develop focus and mental concentration for people of all ages.

  • Fortnite has a massive community of players that love to socialize and play together. Playing Fortnite is a great way to make friends and build relationships that last for life.

Core Principles of Fortnite:

Fortnite is a battle royal game. This means that all players drop into the same map, and the last player alive is the winner. Thus, Fortnite as a game may seem incredibly complex, but there are definite skills that are essential to becoming a great player. The fundamental skills of Fortnite include:

  • Building/Editing Mechanics/Keybinds

  • Weapon knowledge/Aim Mechanics

  • Movement Mechanics

  • Positioning

  • Rotations

  • Game Sense/Knowledge

Building/Editing Mechanics/Keybinds:

Building/Editing has been a staple of Fortnite since the game first came out. It is seen as the sign of a good player ever since TSM Dequan and Ninja did their first build battle. The goal of this section is to develop not only good building techniques, but to develop effectiveness, and high end decision making in using these building/editing techniques.

In this section we cover:

  • importance of building/editing

  • importance of high ground

  • Building/Editing techniques

  • Resource management

Weapon knowledge/Aim Mechanics:

Weapon knowledge is a player's understanding of the most relevant weapons currently used in Fortnite. This also includes the integration of using those weapons in combination with each other.

Aim mechanics is a player’s ability to use specific weapons effectively, and master various aiming techniques. This also includes the integration of movement with those various techniques.

In this section we cover:

  • The hierarchy of weapons in fortnite.

  • Finding the optimal sensitivity

  • Peeking techniques

  • Flick shots

  • Tracking

Movement Mechanics:

Movement is one of the most important skills in any battle royal. A player’s ability to move effectively can be the difference between wiping a squad and getting sent back to the lobby. In this section, we cover the most important movement techniques currently used in the game, and how to integrate them with aiming techniques.

In this section we cover:

  • Strafing techniques

  • Sliding techniques

  • Jumping techniques


Positioning is arguably the most important skill in all of Fortnite. Positioning is a player’s ability to find places on the map which give distinct and clear advantages to win. This also includes a player’s ability to reposition based on other player’s movements and the storm circle.

In this section we cover:

  • What is good positioning vs bad positioning

  • Positioning for third parties

  • Position hierarchies.

  • High vs Middle vs Low ground engagements

  • Utilization of cover

  • Decision making when positioning

  • Repositioning


Rotations are talked about so much at the highest levels of gaming because of how important it is. Rotation is a player's ability to move in accordance with the circle(zone that does damage), based on other player’s positions. This section covers decision making on rotations, different styles of rotations, and the most effective ways to rotate.

In this section we cover:

  • Rotations for public matches vs competitive

  • Passive vs Aggressive rotations

  • General considerations when performing rotations

Game Knowledge/Sense:

Game sense is oftentimes considered a whimsical skill that only the best players truly understand. However, it’s a skill that can be practiced and developed like anything else. Game sense is simply your ability to make effective decisions and accurately guess other player’s decisions.

In this section well cover:

  • General game knowledge of items

  • Knowledge of the map

  • Strom/Circle movement

  • When to engage and disengage in fights

  • General decision making