Valorant Coaching

In our beginner Valorant course, students will learn the core concepts of the game including basic movement tactics, aiming techniques, and general pace and flow of the game. Students will conduct drills and exercises given by the coaches to equip them with the knowledges and skills required to build good habits and develop proper game sense. This class includes a fun and fast paced game mode of "Spike Rush" to quickly familiarize students with Valorant.


  • Why learn Valorant

  • Valorant is a tactical shooter designed around teamwork and communication. Learning Valorant is a great way to improve communication skills and decision making.

  • The concepts and principles of Valorant can be applied to other tactical shooters, which develops a person's overall skills as an esports player.

  • Playing Valorant has been shown to develop mental concentration, teamwork, hand eye coordination, and focus in players of all ages.

  • Valorant has a massive community of players that love to socialize and play together. Playing Valorant with others can create friendships that last a lifetime.

Core Principles of Valorant:

Valorant is a first person hero shooter with a search and destroy format. Teams rotate between attack and defense with unique agents with special abilities. This tactical shooter is designed around teamwork, aim mechanics, game knowledge, and a host of other skills. We recommend that any player trying to improve their skills focus on these key areas:

  • Agent types and abilities

  • Movement Mechanics

  • Aim mechanics and Weapon knowledge

  • Attacking vs Defending

  • Game Sense/Knowledge

Agent types and abilities

Valorant agents are one of the primary characteristics that makes Valorant unique. Having knowledge about the different agents, and their abilities is crucial to the success of any Valorant player. In this section, we cover how to be successful with different types of agents, and how to use their abilities effectively.

Effective use of the following agent types:

  • Initiator

  • Duelist

  • Sentitals

  • Controller

Movement Mechanics:

Movement is one of the most important skills in any tactical shooter. A player’s ability to move effectively can be the difference between winning an engagement and getting eliminated. In this section, we cover the most important movement techniques currently used in the game, and how to integrate them with aiming techniques.

In this section we cover:

  • Strafing techniques

  • Jumping techniques

  • Bunny hopping

  • Keybinds

  • Unique agent movement abilities

Weapon knowledge and Aim Mechanics:

Weapon knowledge is a player's understanding of the most relevant weapons currently in the game. This also includes the integration of using those weapons in combination with each other. Aim mechanics is a player’s ability to use specific weapons effectively, and master various aiming techniques. This also includes the integration of movement with those various techniques. These may be the most important skills to have in Valorant, and is one of the key differences between good and elite players.

In this section we cover:

  • Weapon types

  • Finding the optimal sensitivity

  • Peeking techniques

  • Flick shots vs tracking

Game Knowledge/Sense:

Game sense is simply your ability to make effective decisions and accurately guess other player’s decisions. This is incredibly important to the success of any Valorant player, and is a key skill area that can oftentimes be ignored. In this section, we cover different techniques and strategies to improve your knowledge and decision making as a Valorant player.

In this section well cover:

  • Knowledge of the map

  • Character lineups

  • Agent utility lineups

  • General decision making

  • Weapon and team economy