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Esports Club Teams Program

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What is the Esports Club Teams Program?


Be a part of the fastest growing sport in the world and start competing in club esports!  With over 300 colleges offering esports teams and scholarships, our program will prepare students with a solid foundation and teach them the skills necessary to be successful in their gaming and educational careers. Club esports offers the same structure and benefits as traditional sports, while allowing kids of all skill levels and ability to compete!

We offer kids the opportunity to participate in team sports on platforms that they love.  All kids have the drive to compete, but some kids need the proper avenue to do so.  We focus on the team based aspect in order to teach kids how to work as a team and improve their social skills with other players who have the same interests. Students in our program will develop the skills they need to pave their way towards collegiate Esports scholarships.

Training Philosophy

The ESPC Club Team program will place students into similarly skilled based groups and will train together to improve their gameplay in a structured and competitive manner. Our program offers developmental coaching in Fortnite and Valorant that will meet on a weekly basis to train and compete! The program will last for three months, after which teams will compete in a club championship tournament to showcase the skills they have learned. Players that show excellent skills as competitors have the opportunity to be sponsored by ESPC to play in national tournaments!

Enrollment Process


Students will conduct tryouts held by our professional FPS coach to determine their skill level, strengths and weaknesses.


Following tryouts, students will be placed onto a team based on their age, skills, schedule, and given a role based on the needs of the team.