With over 25 years of gaming experience and currently serving as an Intelligence Analyst with the U.S Army reserve, JD brings his passion and professionalism to the Esports Players Club as a first person shooter (FPS) coach. Growing up in Long Island, JD embraced his competitive spirit through soccer and played at the top level as a youth for the Long Island Junior Soccer League representing the state of New York in the SELECT program. His career in E-sports began in FIFA 12 where he played professionally in competitive leagues as a goalkeeper in the pro clubs format and helped manage the community tournaments and events. JD is a long standing FPS enthusiast and continues to strengthen his gaming and coaching skills through the various gameplay courses available at the facility.

FPS Coach

Alex Matzkin

Alex founded Esports Players Club with the goal to teach traditional sports values through esports to Tampa youths.  Alex is a Tampa native that played football at Berkeley Prep and continued on to play at Georgetown University in Washington DC. Alex is an entrepreneur across many industries and believes that the competitive atmosphere he grew up in helped create the mindset needed to build businesses.  Esports, as an industry is exploding and taking the lead over traditional sports, and Alex, believes that the players we develop today will be the superstars of the next generation. Alex is a skilled FPS player in major titles including Halo and Call of Duty. 

Chief Executive Officer

Uday Reddy

Uday Reddy is our in-house tech wizard and Director of IT for eSports Players Club. Also a Tampa Native, Uday has been a life-long gamer and computing enthusiast. As passionate as he is about gaming, he is even more passionate about IT infrastructure. 

He has deployed several tricks to give eSports Players Club an extremely high performance and scalable infrastructure, as well as utilizing software in extremely novel ways to help ESPC introduce the next-generation of cutting edge eSports Facilities in the United States. While ESPC is a start-up, funded almost entirely by the founders, Uday aims to help ESPC constantly evolve to compete with the largest players in the industry through his extreme dedication of leveraging technology to improve the user experience.

Chief Technology Officer

Stouweed Innocent

Coach Stu is one of the MOBA game instructors for ESPC. His passion for video games and electronics was established at a young age starting with the original Nintendo entertainment system. This has evolved to numerous gaming systems including mobile games and PC. Stu grew up in Orlando Florida where countless hours were spent playing FPS like Halo during LAN parties. This hobby was further cultivated when Stu joined the NAVY in 2007. He would organize call of duty and league of legends tournaments on his ship, to help his fellow shipmates pass time while on deployments.

MOBA Coach