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Junior Developers Program 

The Junior Developer Program will place students on teams, who will work together to develop a full scale game through Roblox Studios or Unreal Engine 5.  Each member of the team will have specific roles and responsibilities that mimic the process that major developers use to publish top gaming titles.

What is the Junior Game Developers Program?

Prior experience in any form of game development is not required.  Students will be required to take a "Coding with Roblox" course once a week and meet in person as a team twice a month.  Two additional team sessions will be held each month, however students can attend via zoom if necessary.

Program Overview

The program will last for three months, after which a showcase of the game will be held for the team to show off their hard work!  The game will then be published for kids worldwide to enjoy!  There are opportunities to participate on a team every Monday through Friday in order to be convenient for your schedule.

Enrollment Process


 Students will come in for a free assessment in which we will evaluate their interests and experience.


After the assessment students will be placed onto a team based on their age, experience, schedule and given a role on the team.

Plan Development

Students will start meeting to create an outline for the type of game they would like to develop and create a plan for the coming months.

Development Process and Roles

Creative Roles

Creative roles include a Graphic Designer, Game Builder and Tool Developer, who will work together to build the visual aspects of the game.

Programming Roles

Programming roles include an Animator and a Coder, who will work in conjunction with the creative roles to develop a full stack game.

Social Enviroment

Our program is designed to have kids of similar interests working as a team while learning the fundamentals of programming, coding and design.


At the Esports Players Club, our goal is for our students to work as a team and learn the skills required for game development. These skills are transferable to any major tech industry!


Our students will explore ways to bring their ideas to life by combining their respective roles and skillsets.

Computer desktop


Our three month program will take students with absolutely zero coding knowledge to a proficient level in basic coding and programming fundamentals.


This program is designed to develop self-directed programmers as the students will critically work through common issues present during development.

Team Building


Our program encourages our students to develop the social skills required to work in a team environment and collaborate.


The program is included in our membership package and comes with all the perks of being a member of the Esports Players Club!


Parents have the ability to drop off students off at any time during business hours to enjoy the facility and socialize with other kids! Date night just got easier!

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