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From Gamers to Coders: The Intersection of Technology, Education, and Esports

Thoughts for the Parents of Gamers

Here at Esports Players Club, we are passionate about preparing your gamer to develop skills needed in an ever-expanding technology field. History has shown us that as technology and automation increase, so do innovation, creation, and creativity. Think about The Renaissance, and how that movement influenced intellectual discovery, science, culture, and art of the time. We can even look at how technology has had a hand in keeping us connected during the pandemic, or how it has changed the way we go to work or school. As technology expands, so does the demand for tech workers. The $200 billion dollar gaming industry includes careers in software engineering, coding, cyber security, game designing, programming, animation, or eve

n being paid to play in a quality assurance role! Even non-gaming-related careers are showing higher performance and satisfaction when applying “Gamification” in the workplace through competitions and rewards programs. To seriously simplify it, think about how chore charts, stickers, and the ability to earn prizes are used by teachers and parents as a form of motivation, this is “gamification”.

Technology has been forced to keep up with gamers, and as technology grows so does the need for a computer-literate workforce. Gaming not only helps with computer literacy but also hones skills such as dexterity, problem-solving, perseverance, vocabulary, critical thinking, and comprehension. This can turn into rewarding careers not only in game development fields but in a wide variety of professions. Here at ESPC, our Jr. Developers program seeks to give kids an opportunity to experience what it is like being on a team that is building a game. Giving each person a different role in the development based on their specific strengths. We use your child’s interest in gaming as an educational opportunity that can turn into valuable skills for the future. This program is unique to us, but education through gaming and gaming technology certainly is not. Visit St. Pete’s Dali Museum and you are greeted by an AI version of the painter, once inside the exhibit you are invited to explore one of his paintings through virtual reality. Teachers are now using Minecraft to teach everything from history to STEM subjects. Allowing students to take a virtual stroll through a recreation of an ancient Roman city. Or even having students build their classroom in the game, to scale!

Gaming can improve socialization and soft skills as well. Not unlike traditional club sports, gamers in our Esports program must have good communication, and teamwork, and even develop leadership qualities. Watching the football game on Sundays may start to look different as well as we see more and more interest turning to Esports. Not only is game streaming through platforms like YouTube and Twitch able to be monetized, but more colleges are offering to expand scholarship opportunities for Esports players. Fans are tuning into Esports tournaments and events in higher numbers than even professional sports teams get sometimes, broadening the opportunities for sponsorships.

Gamers are tech-savvy, connected, and creative with the way they approach the world around them. As technology continues to advance, there must be a workforce that is ready to meet demand. The gamers of today will be ready to meet that demand. This generation of Minecraft builders, Roblox creators, or Fortnite competitors will be tomorrow’s leaders in the ever-expanding world of technology.



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