ESports Players Club First Month in the Spotlight- Tournament(s) & Event Recap

Our highly popular event, ESports Players Club has been hosting ‘Fortnite Fridays’ for anyone under the age of 18 to meet, play together, or compete with in tournament style matches for a shot at thousands of V-Bucks every Friday! The Fortnite Friday event has been fully booked every week, so make sure to sign up early!

February 12th & March 6th– Esports Players Club hosted our $500 Madden ‘22 tournament, bringing in players from all types of platforms (PS5, Xbox, PC) to compete in 1v1’s while streaming the action on the ESports Players Club Twitch with caster commentary!

February 19th- ESports Players Club hosted our first in-house, custom lobby, $1000 Call of Duty: Warzone Duo’s tournament! A total of 16 teams participated in one of our most intense events to date, with strong competition between players of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. This Warzone tournament also helped discover new talent, in which one of our younger members who takes lessons at ESPC was featured in local news as an upcoming free agent!

February 26th - 2v2’s $500 Halo Infinite Tournament brought over a dozen teams from around the Tampa area, in addition to a few teams from as far as Jacksonville to compete in a 2v2 structure tournament– A mixture of Team Slayer and CTF, players put their skills to the test against teams of all rankings, with a Father/Son duo taking the victory for the evening! We highly recommend watching the VOD here, which includes a fantastic flag grapple that completely changed the pace of the matches!

March 1st- ESPC hosted its first $250 Super Smash Bros tournament, drawing competitive video game enthusiasts from all different communities & backgrounds– Many players had supportive fan clubs & friends to cheer them on as they competed for both the Grand Prize & title of ESPC Smash Champion!

March 4th- ESPC hosted our first free entry 5v5 League of Legends tournament, drawing in players from all parts of Florida as well as from local universities such as USF, UT, and St. Leo University! A combination of premade teams represented their Universities in a ‘rivalesque’ manner, in addition to a team of solo players that organized to compete against players of all ranks!

ESports Players Club First Month in the Spotlight- Tournament(s) & Event Recap

During our soft opening in mid-December, ESports Players Club worked with both the Jackson In Action & Ryan Callaghan foundations to teach video games to individuals who may not have substantial gaming experience. As seen on some of our earliest Instagram posts, the excitement and energy was absolutely incredible, and participants of all gaming backgrounds had a fantastic time whilst learning a new gametype!

We here at ESports Players Club are always seeking ways to engage with the community– Whether through educational, charitable, or social events! We look forward to meeting passionate content creators and video game enthusiasts of all backgrounds, and host a mix of community events to ensure you can make a connection while here! Come check us out at 1802 W. Kennedy Ave, Tampa, FL, 33606. Open 7 days a week!– Gamers Wanted!