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Gamers Today, Coders Tomorrow

Here at Esports Players Club, we provide a comprehensive program for kids to learn coding through games. Our mission is to teach programming skills while still improving their soft skills. With our after-school program and upcoming Developer teams, you can customize your child’s technical development. Coding is the new literacy, with thousands of jobs available for those who can code or have coding experience. This is a way to give your child a head-start in life, they could be tomorrow’s software engineer, cyber security analyst, or any number of other positions in the burgeoning field of technology.

Your Child’s Coding Fundamentals

Minecraft with Blockly, this game is generally how we start off our young coders. Modify your Minecraft world in ways never imagined! Blocky is a programming language that is designed specifically for kids and tries to make coding easier to understand and comprehend. It takes long lines of code and packages them up into blocks that are easy to manipulate and work with. This language is great for beginners because it teaches the fundamentals of syntax and semantics, without it feeling visually overwhelming.

Minecraft with JavaScript In this course our mission is to give students a solid foundation of coding concepts using a drag-and-drop code editor, this is perfect for any beginners because it doesn’t require much typing and is visually comprehensible. This course is also designed to be a gateway to more complex programming languages, techniques, and applications. JavaScript was created in 1995 and has only improved in its functionality. It is one of the core programming languages used to create websites with over 97% of websites utilizing JavaScript on the client side. Learning JavaScript also lays the foundation for learning other languages such as Java, Visual Basic (used in Excel), and C++.

Roblox with Lua, this is your coder’s next step in learning coding through gaming. Roblox is one of the fastest-growing game-creation platforms on the planet. Through Roblox, we demystify Lua coding through numerous examples and hands-on tutorials, and tips for making your games more fun, competitive, and engaging. Originally created in 1993, Lua is a lightweight but high-level scripting language. It is very versatile in its use and easy to understand and comprehend. Lua is used in combination with Roblox Studio to create very sophisticated and entertaining games. One of Lua’s most powerful features is its ability to be integrated with the programming language C. Lua is a great first programming language to learn and using Lua in Roblox Studio is a very fun and entertaining way to develop the fundamental skills of programming.

Once completed, these coding fundamentals will open the door for your child’s coding journey. As our coders continue to learn and grow, we can continue their education with languages such as Java, Visual Basic (used in Excel), and C++. With a handle on these, your young coder will be able to compete in the tech industry.



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