Why is ESPC for Me?

Lately we’ve had a surge of interested gaming enthusiasts and parents asking, “What are the benefits of playing at an E-Sports club as opposed to at home?” To which our response is multi-pronged due to a variety of factors that can make your experience at the club significantly more enjoyable than gaming at home!

  1. Developing a sense of community

-Playing at an E-Sports club allows gaming enthusiasts to meet other passionate gamers to spark new friendships and rivalries! Whether grouping up to play cooperatively or striking up competitive matches against each other, Esports Players Club gives you the environment necessary to form these connections with similar minded players!

2. Gaming is an investment

-Due to the fact that components for high-tier computers are expensive and in high demand, many gamers are unable to purchase/obtain necessary parts to compete at their full potential. Thankfully, Esports Players Club offers top of the line Alienware R12 PC’s & the newest of consoles to members to eliminate hardware as a limiting factor!

3. Challenging Yourself & Others

-Squading up, competing, or simply forming a social connection with other gamers to share knowledge of their experiences allows members to take their gameplay to the next level!

4. Atmosphere

-A major advantage of playing at Esports Players Club is the fact that we offer a safe, clean, and welcoming atmosphere for both new and current patrons to our facility! Not only are you given the tools you need to succeed as a gamer, but the environment you find yourself surrounded with reflects the passion & energy that makes your gaming experience that much more invigorating!

5. Lessons, Coaching, Tournaments & More!

-A major factor that separates us from our competitors is our capability to offer classes on gameplay and content creation! Whether you’re interested in competitive E-Sports, or simply trying to apply your creativity to something new, E-Sports Players Club has a course for you!