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Where Kids & Teens Learn 
Real Programming

We focus on child development through team-based activities and educational courses such as coding,  design, and game development!

  • Real-time Class

  • Teambuilding

  • Problem Solving 

  • Creative Thinking

  • Confidence 

  • Communication

  • Ages 7 & Up

  • U.S. Based

  • Learn skills for a future in Tech!

  • Kid Friendly



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At the Esports Players Club, our goal is for our students to work as a team and learn the skills required for game development. These skills are transferable to any major tech industry!

Turning your child's dream and interest into real programming skills.

Introducing Anthony,
Coding & Game Developer Instructor

Anchor 1

Coding Course Content

  • Modding Minecraft with Blockly

  • Modding Minecraft with Javascript

  • Modding Minecraft with Java

  • Roblox studio game development with Lua 

  • Game Development with Unity using C#

  • Game Development with Unreal Engine 5 using C++

  • Game Development with Python

Benefits of Our Coding Curriculum


Our students will explore ways to bring their ideas to life by combining their respective roles and skillsets.


Our program will take students with absolutely zero coding knowledge to a proficient level in basic coding and programming fundamentals.


This program is designed to develop self-directed programmers as the students will critically work through common issues present during development.

Try out Games made by our Jr Developer Team!

ESPC Roblox Obby Night.png

ESPC Roblox Obby Night


Single Player Beta Test Dev Team version 1.2

ESPC Sword Game Beta.png

ESPC Sword Game Beta

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