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Computer Class


Our coding classes for kids cater to all ages and levels of experience. We use popular kid's games including Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite to teach professional level programming skills.  

Jr. Developer Program

Empower your child's coding prowess in our 3-month interactive program, where they create a video game, mastering coding, 3D animation, and more while participating on a team of like-minded kids.


Nurture your child's creativity with our interactive design classes! From graphic design to 3D modeling and character animation, we empower kids to bring their imagination to life.

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Coding Classes for Kids

Coding with Minecraft

Explore Minecraft Coding Course: Our Modding Course teaches kids to make custom mods and dive into JavaScript coding, creating a strong programming foundation while having fun.

Classes that fit your schedule

We Know parents have a busy schedule, so we make our classes easy to attend.  Drop in any of our coding classes from Monday-Friday from 2:00-8:00 PM.  Classes can be joined every 30 minutes for drop ins.

Coding with Roblox 

Boost Learning through Play: Join our Roblox Coding Class for kids and dive into programming using your favorite platform. With expert mentors, kids will learn the Lua coding language, creating their own Roblox games. Merge passion with skills for a unique educational adventure!

Drop Off Anytime

All of our memberships come with unlimited free play at the building.  Use us as your solutions to when you need time.  Drop off your kids anytime during open hours for classes or free play with other kids in the community. 

Advanced Coding

Unlock Potential in Our Advanced Class: Students take a project-oriented journey to master cutting-edge coding languages. With teamwork and individual challenges, they explore top languages like Python, C++, and C#, becoming skilled problem solvers in programming.

No Long Term Contracts

Built for Flexibility: Our program offers month-to-month access, giving you freedom without commitment. If plans change, you can cancel anytime, ensuring your convenience and peace of mind

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Graphic Design, Video Editing, 3D Modeling, Character Animation and more!

Unleash their artistic potential with immersive and tailored lessons. From crafting visuals with graphic design to bringing stories to life through video editing. Dive into 3D modeling, sculpting virtual wonders, and exploring character animation.

Led by experienced mentors, our hands-on approach builds a diverse skill set while nurturing artistic voice. Join our Graphic Design Classes in Tampa, today to watch your child design, innovate, and captivate with boundless imagination!

Jr. Developer Program

Nurturing Future Creators:

Introducing the Junior Developers Program: An exciting learning journey where kids collaborate to craft video games through coding and design. Guided by industry-standard tools like Roblox Studios, Unreal Engine 5, and Unity, students assume professional game design or junior game developer roles, fostering teamwork and social skills. At the program's culmination, their game will be shared with the world. This hands-on experience not only fuels creativity but also adds a significant achievement to their college resumes as JR. Game Developers, setting them apart.

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At the Esports Players Club, our goal is for our students to work as a team and learn the skills required for game development. These skills are transferable to any major tech industry!

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  • What are coding classes for kids?
    Coding classes for kids are educational programs designed to teach children the fundamentals of computer programming. These classes aim to introduce kids to coding languages and concepts in a fun and interactive way, fostering problem-solving skills and creativity.
  • What do Minecraft coding classes involve?
    Minecraft coding classes combine the popular game Minecraft with coding education. Kids learn to modify the game using programming languages, enabling them to create their custom items, characters, and even mini-games within the Minecraft universe.
  • How do Roblox coding classes work?
    Roblox coding classes teach children how to design and code their games and experiences within the Roblox platform. Kids learn scripting languages and game development techniques to bring their creative ideas to life.
  • What is the JR. Game Developer Program?
    Our Junior Developer program is a truly one-of-a-kind experience for our budding tech enthusiasts. During this program, our students work together over the course of a semester (3 months) to build out a full video game as a team. Students are assigned roles and jobs on the team that mimics the professional-level process under the guidance of our programming instructors. In this course, our students learn multiple coding languages, 3D modeling, character animation, graphic design, and more! This program also increases social development by requiring the students to work together to accomplish a common goal. Students interested in tech are often shy or socially awkward until they are put into an environment where they are confident. This program requires no prior experience and we start with students as young as 7. At the end of the program, students will have a published game for the world to play, which can also be added to college resumes or beyond. The programs that we teach (Unreal 5, Unity, Roblox Studios) are the same programs used at the professional level, giving our students a major jump start on breaking into almost any tech industry.
  • Who are graphic design classes suitable for?
    Graphic design classes are suitable for kids interested in visual arts and design as well as budding content creators. These classes introduce children to tools and techniques used in graphic design, video editing, 3D modeling, and more to help them create digital art, logos, posters, game chracters and so much more!
  • Are these classes suitable for beginners?
    Yes, all of our classes are designed to cater to beginners. Whether your child is new to coding, game development, or graphic design, our courses provide step-by-step guidance and a supportive learning environment.
  • What age groups are these classes indented for?
    Our coding, Minecraft, Roblox, and graphic design classes are generally tailored for children between the ages of 7 and 18.
  • Is any prior experience required?
    No prior experience is necessary for most of our classes. Our instructors are experienced in teaching beginners, and they will guide your child through the learning process, starting from the basics.
  • What are the benefits of enrolling my child in these classes?
    Enrolling your child in coding, Minecraft, Roblox, game development, or graphic design classes can enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and creativity. These skills are not only valuable for potential future careers but also for overall cognitive development.
  • How can I enroll my child?
    Enrolling your child is easy! Visit our website, browse the available courses, select the one that suits your child's interests, and follow the enrollment instructions on the membership page. If you have any questions, our support team is here to assist you.
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